Talent Lab's strategy work with small businesses covers all areas of what makes a company succesful. We identify the key issues affecting the business and inspire managements to develop their own solutions.

We work with start-ups to established businesses, challenging them to make the changes necessary to make their company modern, sustainable and profitable, a happier place to work and attractive to new talent.

For start-ups, where we work with founders with huge emotional and financial investments in their company, we offer objective guidance based on pan-sector experience. The first years of any business are critical. Most business failures had good ideas, but with flawed business plans. We can intervene, facilitating open discussions that concentrate on finding answers. We can offer guidance on all elements of the business and call in our trusted contacts to help with specific issues, such as recruitment, financial management, tendering advice, contracts and premises.

For established companies, Talent Lab is usually called in when a more modern approach to business is needed or when there are issues that need to be discussed. We benchmark the present performance of the company against its competitors and then present a set of potential futures. Our input includes future scoping, branding and marketing options, new technology, social media and online potential. We then work with a client to create a business plan or model to deliver agreed action points.

If your company needs a chance to examine itself objectibely and plot its own future, talk to Talent Lab.