Talent Lab has worked on strategy development with PLCs and large companies and organisations across a range of sectors, from finance to transport, technology and business services

Our work has helped each organisation examine its strategic approach at Board, Group, Regional or Departmental level, exploring issues including  brand, marketing, internal communications, the web and social media, and employment/recruitment issues.

Much of our work with such clients involves designing and delivering specific conference and workshop models  to address specific areas identified by the company. Often, this happens when a business is faced with internal changes, such as takeover or merger, rapid growth, need to find new markets, develop products or services, legislation and regulation changes, failing employee relations, or where management feels their is a need to look afresh at the company and its operations.

Talent Lab conferences and workshops are designed to be interactive, active, stimulating and demanding. Talent Lab was founded in part because we believed the necessary skills and ideas exist within a company; they just need encouragement to be voiced and listened to with respect. Often we use a competitive element, where teams from across the company act on tasks related to the aims of the conference and the objectives of the business. This is a great way to deliver real team-building and co-operation after the event.

Formats can be created from half-day workshops to two-day conferences, with Talent Lab running events from 12 to over 100 attendees. By designing in detail each event with our client's lead team, we can then concentrate on delivering events enjoyed by all attendees that deliver impact when participants return to their workplaces.

Please contact Talent Lab if you would like us to help you create your future strategy.