A Talent Lab strategy conference or strategy workshop allows your senior management team to examine the issues facing your company and draw their own map of the future of the business.

Talent Lab conferences and workshops examine the key issues in an honest, enjoyable way. Our approach allows management to step outside the day-to-day and share knowledge with others from inside and outside the company in an atmosphere of learning and mutual understanding.

Conferences for larger companies or organisations bring together management teams, subsidiaries, departments, teams, management and staff to look in-depth at all elements of their company. Issues such as budget, income, operations, contracts and recuritment can become competing rivals. A Talent Lab conference model knowledge, objectivity and inclusivity to key decision-making

Strategy workshops for smaller companies or departments of larger companies require less time. Our usual workshop format involves dividing teams into small units which then examine a specific issue facing the business. We provide all the necessary information and guidance they need to fulfil pre-set tasks. Their findings are presented and the findings debated. The process itself identifies weaknesses in the team. Such workshops are designed to act as catalysts for change and deliver lasting results.

We are happy to chat about our conferences and workshop and see if we can help shape a different future for your company. Contact Talent Lab to discuss.