Talent Lab has helped a wide range of companies in different sectors develop a coherent business strategy, covering all areas like brand, marketing, communications and networking.

Our innovative Strategy Conference Model allows directors and senior managers to examine the present performance of their company and formulate a common vision and plan to deliver future growth and profits.

Our conference models are bespoke to each client and can replace an annual AGM, or be used to give team-building or corporate away-days focus alongside a sense of enjoyment and achievement. We can script, film, record, compose, present, host, facilitate and direct. You can think, debate, steer, compete, eat, drink, enjoy and even laugh.

We can adapt our format to your specific needs as a company, regardless of size, sector, business stage or budget. They can be used to investigate and develop business, brand, marketing and networking strategies and is available as a half-day workshops to a full two-day Conference. It can include critical components of any business and especially bring in new ideas to stimulate and re-engage management with the company as a whole.

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