Strategy Conference
A FTSE 100 PLC approached Talent Lab to bring a fresh attitude to its annual AGM and help the company re-examine its management approach. Talent Lab created a two-day interactive conference that addressed key issues from a brand perspective and as a springboard to change.

Core issues were investigated from opposing perspectives, using input from staff, customers and examples of best practice from inside and outside the sector.  The result was a brand strategy for the company that saw a direct lift in their share price in the years that followed.

We also produced a change management project for the same client that saw over 3,000 employees enjoy a day of entertainment, information exchange and opinion gathering. Talent Lab scripted, directed and produced an interactive day that grew into an 18-month, £1M+ series of 100 events that changed the outlook for the company's staff, management and shareholders.

Growth strategy
When we started out with one of our longest-standing clients, we had won the pitch by opening them three responses to our enquiry letters; one from them, two from their competitors. Eight years later, we have seen them move office three times, change name twice, grow their profitability and  their stature.

In this time, we have been their strategic team, working alongside them to build a sustainable company and distinctive brand. Whilst they have concentrated on developing their presence in key specialist areas, we support them by managing their brand, communications, and marketing strategy. We are on the third version of their website and second set of brochures, all helping to increase the size of clients and fees.

Economic strategy
Having been based in and around Shoreditch for ten years, we have built up a lot of great contacts in the area through being responsible for the strategy of Shoreditch Business Network.

We were approached by Shoreditch Trust to undertake a year-long project looking at the future of the economy of Shoreditch and Hoxton as a growing number of companies in web/new media/social media/technology companies moved into the area and turned it into the Silcon Roundabout.

We looked at the business needs of companies and investors in the area, interviewed MDs and Directors, heard their issues and shaped it into a report for the Trust and Hackney Council. The aim was to see whether the legal and business foundations existed to create a Business Improvment District. If you would like to see the report, email us!

Growth to company sale
An IT company run by one of the best salesmen we have ever met had a clear idea of where they wanted to take the company and had the investment in place to support those plans. The MD was clever enough to realise that a brand that would differentiate his company from other B2B IT providers would be the key to profitability and his eventual aim - the sale of the business.

We focused on supporting his engaging manner and placing him in front of prospects and turning them into clients. We created a stratgegy that focused on using business exhibitions to meet decision-makers, such as IT directors and managers. Our strategy was to use humour and make his company the human alternative to the usual faceless robots IT companies send out to mend your PC.

This brand strategy, built on a one-line reply in our first meeting, and supported by a website and CD-sized brochure full of robot cartoons led to a rapid growth of valuable clients and a sale in 18 months.

Waste not, what not
Talent Lab was hired by a Government agency to work with  businesses in the recycling and waste management sector, where we would help each company to  create coherent and deliverable business pathways to expansion.

Each company was run by driven individuals and our role was to support their ambitions and create an achievable growth strategy. Over the following three years, we are proud to say that every company grew beyond the targets we had agreed and become excellent companies and employers.

Two of the companies now have a fleet of vehicles which are regular features on London's roads. Another is a succesful retail outlet specialising in fabrics made from recycled materials. The fourth had developed a secret process to turn recycled glass into kitchen surfaces. They were approached by VC which we advised undervalued the business. In the same month, we helped get them on Grand Designs through which they met their current business partner. That they have all thrived despite the recent economic conditions shows the value of a good Talent Lab strategy.