Most companies rely on networking for new business, yet send out their representatives untrained and without a clear set of objectives. Talent Lab can help any company improve its networking ROI.

For large companies, especially those targetting SMEs, we create a networking strategy for the organisation. We cover generating results, training gaps, event selection, lead generation, data capture and co-ordination. We deliver bespoke training and development programmes to suit each client's ambitions, sector and workforce.

We also offer networking training for companies and teams available in two parts. The first two-hours is a fast-paced Strategic Networking Masterclass. This interactive networking workshop blends our unique understanding and experience of branding, marketing and networking. We show how any company needs to adopt a strategic approach to exploit the opportunities presented through networking, not just in new business, but in recruitment, skills development, new markets, sourcing new suppliers and a host of other areas.

We show your company's representatives how to exploit business opportunities through networking events and make the most of every potential introduction and conversation. We examine online networking and how to make the most of spaces like Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook and YouTube.  Our training is an holisitic approach to networking, essential for the beginner to gain the confidence to face any room and the experienced networker to find new tools to help them and their companies.

The second elective part takes your workforce through their own networking experiences and addresses the issues they face. It brings them together to identify the gaps in their present networking approach a s a company or group, looks at sharing data, leads and improving elements key to a consistent brand-focused approach, online and at events.

We also hold regular 'open' networking training events, which are two-hour sessions that look at making your networking more effective. They are not as in-depth as a workshop and they do not focus on your company's specific objectives, but they are popular introduction to Mark's approach.

Our next Strategic Networking Masterclass is on January 31st in London. Details and booking here:
Networking Training Event in London

If you would like to discuss ways of improving your company's return on its investment in networking, please contact Talent Lab.