Talent Lab has been at the cutting edge of business networking through events and increasingly online for over 10 years, responsible for organising 1,000 events and connecting over 25,000 companies.

Talent Lab delivers marketing and networking strategies for PLCs and other large companies seeking to target small businesses (SMEs) as part of their own business development campaigns. We also produce networking and marketing workshops for any size or sector or company eager to improve their own networking.

Small companies connect through networking and can be difficult to reach. The language small business owners and their representatives speak is different to UK Corporate PLC and Talent Lab can deliver your business networking ambitions. Our networking strategy allows you to ensure your brand messages are consistent, including benchmarking your representatives' online presence, monitoring - and even outsourcing to Talent Lab - certain networking elements including opportunity sourcing, event assessment, Twitter feed writing and LinkedIn profile writing - to esnsure all the different parts of your marketing mix – website, brochures etc – also support your networking activities.

Networking cuts across all departments of a modern company; marketing and work-winning, bids and tendering, account and client management. Networking is not just the first meeting of a prospect at an event. It is placing your services in front of business decision-makers. It is knowing your representatives understand the value of the people they are meeting, that opportunities that are presented, and how the the brand should be communicated. It is the consistent delivery of company messages through online channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter. It is fact-finding, information gathering, trend watching and influence building.

We can also help develop value for your company and place your brand at the centre of its own network, turning your clients and prospects into a network of referrers and connectors, as well as revealing a whole host of new business opportunities. You will find further information on your own network in the Communities section. For further details, contact Talent Lab.