Talent Lab work with different companies over the past ten years has seen us deliver every part of the marketing mix, from large brand showcases to one-off brochures, websites to social media.

The growth of the web in this time has encouraged new, dynamic methods of engaging with potential new markets. Talent Lab's approach to the web emphasises the principles of marketing - clear messages, well presented - and created to engage the viewer.

We have created and managed Twitter accounts, advised on using LinkedIn as a marketing space, set up and moderated forums, minded the web for prospects and built online networks. It is this work that has seen the rise of communities built around brands which Talent Lab has been creating now for a number of years.

We also have created fresh approaches to traditional marketing tools, such as brochures, and can manage all phases of their creation, from design and copywriting, making them relevant and valuable investments.We have created and run exhibition and trade stands, built models and market stalls, scripted corporate videos and devised surveys, produced school science presentations and drafted conference speeches for CEOs,  run networking events and built databases.

As marketing develops, so do we. If you would like to bring your products and services alive, contact Talent Lab.