Talent Lab marketing

Talent Lab helps companies across all sectors to define and refine their marketing strategies, as well as producing all the individual elements of the modern marketing mix.

Our work usually starts with a marketing strategy developed with our client. Once this phase is complete, the client can commission their prority elements with clear expectations of cost and quality.

Once a marketing strategy has been created, either through marketing workshops or with Talent Lab assuming the more direct Marketing Director role, Talent Lab then directs and delivers the marketing plan. Assuming dual roles of creative director and account manager means we can ensure that the work presented is relevant and will fulfill the business needs of our client. Our experience in working with different companies and our involvement in running networks means we remain informed as to what's current and guide our clients to making the right choices.

From professional services to finance sectors, bars to telecoms, IT to transport, waste management to manufacturing and food, we have helped all sizes of companies to develop their strategies through marketing workshops and produce the creative work to communicate their brands. We have also worked on one-off projects where an inventive approach is needed, include exhibitions, museum exhibits, school presentations, seminars or presentations.

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