Talent Lab has built two of the strongest platforms for online business networking available - Urbano and Brialto - using the available web-based technology to facilitate real networking online.

From running Twitter, LinkedIn and other online channels for clients to designing interactive web networking platforms, Talent Lab can find ways to connect your brand to new, potential customers and bring closer those who already have a relationship with your brand. 

We have built branded websites that connect people to products, places and other people.As networking has also steadily migrated online, Talent Lab has taken communities it has built around different areas and now uses networking tools to connects communities and individuals online. We are not satisfied with replicating paper directory lists on a website. We prefer our web places to be 3D, interactive hubs of information, communication and catalysts to new relationships.

Our history of creating websites and microsites has evolved from constructing functional marketing tools to creating online spaces where an audience interacts with a brand. But as in our projects, we  first ensure we understand what our own clients expect from an online network - and then exceed it. Our own reputation is built on strategic thinking and always being ahead of the curve.

If you feel your presence online not fulfilling its potential in terms of business reward, please contact Talent Lab and we will happily discuss where our approach will help.