Talent Lab has organised over 1,000 business events, from conferences to networking evenings, business lunches to seminars, exhibitions to exhibits, venue launches to workshops, children's theatre and science lectures to CEO presentations.

Along the way we have written and directed corporate videos, produced handbooks and promotional material, scripted comedy, penned CEO speeches, stretched PowerPoint to its limits, organised catering and venues, supplied trainers, entertainers, waiters, bar people, musicians, DJs and many times been host and facilitator at public events.

We can design and deliver the right kind of events for your organisation's needs, whether in regerating a business area or helping boost its trade, showcasing and launching your products to finding a new audience for your services. We ensure that your events are not only enjoyable in their own right, but start generating valuable word-of-mouth marketing and online chatter. We can bring communities together and keep them connected.

And who better to talk about the regenerative powers of a Talent Lab Production than Jackie Sadek, CEO of UK Regeneration.

"I have a lot of time for Urbano. They have a philosophy of "exchanging value" that I find rather empowering. Urbano, run by the redoubtable Mark Herring, offers a safe facilitating vehicle brokering for opportunities for smaller companies to get involved, both with each other, and with larger partners. I always learn something of real value when I'm with them. The companies Urbano brings together are real entrepreneurs - a creative and energising lot to be with."

Speak to Talent Lab if you want to ensure your events are building into something important and relevant to your company, organisation or area.