Many brands are now building brand communities, connecting their brand to those who are drawn to its values, ethos and identity. Talent Lab has been creating business communities for ten years  - and can help build your brand community.

Our experience in delivering service brand strategies and networking has always been governed by one over-arching focus: the audience. We deal with people. Using our background in theatre and Talent Lab's Five Rules - Inspire Surprise Excite Encourage Challenge - we ensure people are at the centre of our clients' brands.

Our principles of Think Like A Brand and Audience Dynamics revolve around audiences and how they behave. For example, when you attend a seminar or sales event, you know you are going to sold to, pitched at, probably be bored but at least there will be wine. And when it comes to your own events, you may find yourself repeating those self-same mistakes.

Imagine attending an event where you were the focus. Where the people you met were looking after you, Were interested in you. Wanted to connect you to someone who be valuable for you and your business. A brand that made it easy for you to find new contacts. That knew and remembered you. That was in contact with you before you had an issue. That helped you grow your business. And made it easy for you to like their brand and recommend it to others.

We call this 'value exchange' and it is the core philosophy of all our own networks and networking events. And we can put it at the heart of your brand's community. We can help you tap and mine the uncovered riches in your own client database, building your own network and developing a community of business referrers, introducers and supporters.

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