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Talent Lab has been at the leading edge of business community building for over 10 years. Through our business network and communities development work, we have helped grow some of London's leading areas, including Shoreditch, Hoxton, the Silicon Roundabout, Clerkenwell and beyond.

We have also created event programmes and online platforms that have connected companies and organisations - and their brands - to business audiences in sectors including recruitment, construction and property, law, leisure and hospitality, hotels and restaurants, financial and banking, investment, and others.

Communities and business networks are rapiudly developing into key way for brands to engage with clients and prospects, delivering tangible gains in areas such as recruitment, retention, new business and sales, product and services marketing, consumer satisfaction and risk management.

The internet and networking have changed how we connect to one anothers as individuals and how we as individuals connect to businesses and brands. The nature of communications has changed, from one-way, top-down command and control advertising, as seen in Mad Men (and still beloved of advertisers), to instant, peer-to-peer interactivity  bypassing the management of brands and often staying out of their control.

Talent Lab's experience can help you build your own business networks and brand communities. Please contact Talent Lab to discuss your interest.