Talent Lab builds from the inside out. Talent Lab works with its clients to look at how modern brands work, how they function on the inside and how they look on the outside.

We use our theatre skills to help clients look afresh at their brand, especially where brand promises meets customer service. Whether it is exploring the future of a client's sector, helping build new markets, improving brand-service relations, finding an eye and ear-catching name or writing a strap line that instantly coveys your values, we deliver difference.

We blend the ambitions of the management with a realistic assessment of the potential market. We help clients use the process of branding to deliver a change that is profitable and sustainable. We believe that all brands should operate from a position of being informed: how the company is performing and how staff and clients view their own experiences when they interact with the brand on a daily basis.

Many brand agencies only deal with perceptions, inferring that brands are somehow not real. Whilst this approach can deliver premium products, positioned through expensive advertising budgets, the reality is word-of-mouth is now quicker and more honest, outside the control of brands. A quick look at the current UK retail market demonstrates how complacent brands that offered poor service and products quickly become the latest corporate victim. No amount of cosmetic branding can stop a customer disappearing.

Our strategic approach starts by arming managements with the tools to understand, investigate, analyse and develop their own service brand, through the eyes of their staff, their customers and their own experiences. We help managements start their own branding process from a position of knowledge: not only helping them understand how brands and the branding process work, but also showing them how their company is perceived. From this starting point together we embark on a process that delivers real change and outstanding results.

Using various tools - web-based surveys, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping – we find the areas that your business needs to focus on and improve. This process leads to better staff relations, turns customer anger to happiness and produces real benefits to the  bottom line.

If you would like to find out more about examine and improve your own brand fulfilment, please contact Talent Lab.