For 10 years, Talent Lab has worked with companies in different sectors to develop their brands. Our brand workshops immerse participants show how branding works and are a great starting point to your own branding and rebranding development.

Talent Lab's brand training is interactive and fun. Our workshops challenge what you think you know about brands including your own. We look at what makes a great brand and put branding under the microscope: how we interact with brands as an individual? How do we make our business into a brand?

The workshop can is split into two parts. The first part looks at what makes a great brand, putting the key elements of all brands under the microscope. It demonstrates how we interact with brands every day, how our behaviour is affected by brands, and how our purchases are manouvred by them. By then of this, we can get even the most reluctant director to think - and argue - like a brand! We debunk terms like brand, positioning, proposition, values and show how even in business areas like technology and business services, thinking like a brand offers rewards.

The second part then examines your own sector and your own company, comparing language, design, colour theory and how brands influence every purchase.  We can then follow this by looking in detail at your existing brand and ways of improving it, using the brand workshop as an interactive catalyst to developing your new brand strategy.

If your company would like to re-evaluate its present brand, or would just like to communicate on the same wavelength as its marketing agency, then please email Talent Lab.