Talent Lab's Creative Director, Mark Herring, trained and worked as a theatre director and has used those skills to inform all his work in business communications. 

As every theatre director learns, the big picture is painted by the small details. You have to deliver something eye-catching, commercial, innovative and consistent, that engages instantly yet lives long in the memory. And you have do it every time.

The theatre shows how the power of language and brilliant visuals can be used to stir emotions, conjure images and change perspectives. A good service brand uses the same tools to paint pictures in its prospects' heads as playwrights use in their plays and with their audiences. Theatre combines words and music, team-work and individual brilliance to entertain, inform and stir emotions. Our appoach to any Talent Lab production is the same.

We always start with our audience: Who are they? What do they expect? How can we inspire, surprise, excite, encourage and challenge them? From the smallest seminar to large exhibition stands, we deliver difference by putting people first. We specialise in helping service brands, from hospitality and leisure to legal and financial advice, find ways to communicate clearly, in a manner that engages and excites their audience. We call this 'Audience Thinking'. 

But like all good theatre people, Talent Lab knows we are only as good as our last show. If you think your own  messages aren't making an impact, contact Talent Lab.