At the heart of every Talent Lab production is an audience, and an audience is a collection of people with different needs and expectations. We use AudienceThinking to position brands in the hearts and minds of their audience.

Whether a participant at a corporate conference, networking event or training workshop, a viewer or visitor of a website, exhibition, exhibit, or brochure, a brand needs to understand its audience and deliver beyong their individual expectations to create a communal impact.

Talent Lab's 5 Rules - Inform, Surprise, Excite, Encourage and Challenge - are used to benchmark  each element of our projects, from a conference break-out activity to a website's design, a speech or an article, PowerPoint to a conversation. By understanding our client's external and internal audiences, through surveys and interviews, videos, voxpops and data mining,  we create productions that live long in the memories of our audiences.

We also never forget that all human beings like to be entertained. Too many brands fail to leave a good impression because their websites are difficult to navigate, their staff are poorly trained, their messages are inconsistent and the phone is never picked up. We place enjoyment and fun high up our list of priorities, which is why people enjoy attending our own networking events. The world is a much more informal place and people talk. To their friends, colleagues and business connections. Via text, Facebook, blogging and over a beer.

If you are afraid of what your audience is saying about your brand, talk to Talent Lab.