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For over ten years, Talent Lab has been helping companies and those that run them 'Think Like A Brand'. We deliver brand, marketing, communication and networking strategies that win new clients and new business.

Talent Lab's MD, Mark Herring, trained as a theatre director, and specialises in putting the business of theatre into the theatre of business. Combined with a unique business experience gained through working on different projects, including our own, and a diverse client list from PLCs to SMEs, Talent Lab understands audiences and how to help brands interact with them. We call this Audience Thinking.

We put people at the heart of what we do, from creating corporate strategy days to branding, marketing and networking workshops, exhibition and exhibit design to brochure writing, web design and video production. We blend disclipline, humour and fun with a strategic eye on what the business needs, both for ourselves and our clients.

Talent Lab has also created some of London's most innovative business networks and communities,  connecting thousands of companies since 2002. We use that experience to help companies reach new audiences with their brands by building brand communities, and train their staff to find opportunities through networking. Our own business network, Urbano Network, brings our brand, marketing and event management approach to networking - and keeps Talent  Lab at the heart of business thinking, development and innovation.

Talent Lab's skillset is diverse and our attitude flexible. Please read about our work and our approach on our website - and feel free to contact Talent Lab with any enquiries you may have.